TWO Ways to Win a Free Copy of Popular Clone!

Meet Fisher Bas: 12 years old, growth-stunted, a geeky science genius, and son of equally geeky, Nobel Prize-winning parents. No surprise: Fisher isn’t exactly the most popular kid in his middle-school. But he senses relief when he comes upon the idea of cloning himself–creating a second Fisher to go to school each day! It’s an ingenious plan that works brilliantly…until Fisher’s clone turns out to be more popular than him. Then, to make matters worse, Fisher Two gets clone-napped by the evil scientist Dr. Xander! Can Fisher rescue his clone without blowing his secret?

“Castle’s debut, the first in a planned series, strikes just the right balance of humor and action and is sure to keep young readers turning the pages.”
Kirkus Reviews  

“A great book for parents to give their children. It deals not only with bullies but with a young boy learning self confidence and acceptance. 5/5 stars for this book!! M.E.Castle has a winner on his hands!”
–Goodreads user Donna Lawrence

Read more reviews on The Clone Chronicles website!

Want to win a FREE copy from us! Enter one (or both!) of our contests! Here’s how:

1) Enter to win a copy through our Facebook page! Contest runs through the release date, January 24, 2012

2) Enter to win a SIGNED copy here, by leaving a comment here on our blog. In the spirit of our young inventor-turned-hero Fisher, tell us: If you could invent ANYTHING, what would it be and why? Contest also runs through January 24, 2012.

Both contests ARE international. Thanks for reading and good luck! We look forward to seeing what you might invent!


8 thoughts on “TWO Ways to Win a Free Copy of Popular Clone!

  1. If I could invent anything it would probably be a machine that would have a memory of all the clothes in my closet stored, and would let me pick outfit combinations by just looking at the screen (of the machine) and deciding the clothes to pick. 🙂 How awesome would that be? It would definitely same time in the morning.


  2. Invent anything……… Definitely a virtual library or book store in my house so I could have access to all the free books:) Sounds like a really fun book and a promising series!

  3. If I could invent anything it’d be a device that could be considered a compressed overnight bag. You put in your toothbrush/paste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, an extra outfit, pajamas, an air mattress, my knitting, and of course my favorite books! Then you press a button and it turns into something you can fit right in your bag or purse!

  4. A fold-up handyman/geek who would unload my groceries and put them away, fix my computer when it goes wonky, get rid of the bird nesting behind my backdoor light fixture, etc!

  5. Hi Everyone. Forgive my intro but after watching footage of the Costa Concordia Cruise liner it made me think of another mode of transportation that would be just as enjoyable as a cruise liner and still reaches your desired destination…a teleport.

    The design of my teleportation device will have a slight adjustment from the one we’ve witnessed from the production of Star Trek where a body is instantly transferred. With my device, bodies would still disassemble and reappear somewhere else but you’ll be allowed to adjust the speed, the time, and what listed routes you prefer to travel. .

    Slowly your body dissipates like a mist and the body flows along the energy currents around us. Within the migration in your dematerialized body, you are able to feel and observe lands, regions, stars or planets, and then land safely at the arriving teleport station.Then we walk over and visit the incarcerated former captain Francesco Schettino
    to say,”Thank the Heavens I’m the Captain of my ship!”

  6. If I could invent anything, it would be the never-ending labile book that would format itself to the reader’s needs as soon as the reader picked it up. I have already written the story with all the details of this invention… Now I’m just looking for an engineer who has the ability to combine fickle human nature with the inner workings of a mechanical device. A machine that would run on creativity, not functions..

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