Care for a Game of Truth or Dare?

Little Brown does!

Welcome to Jacqueline Green, author of our newest project, Truth or Dare.

Read the deal announcement…

Cindy Eagan at Little, Brown’s Poppy imprint has acquired North American rights to Jacqueline Green’s debut suspense trilogy Truth or Dare, scheduled for launch in spring 2013. The series centers on a New England seaside town whose dark secrets are blown open when a game of truth or dare spins out of control, and three senior girls learn that the smallest of choices can have great consequences. Stephen Barbara at Foundry Literary + Media made the sale for Paper Lantern Lit.

And meet Jaqueline!

Jacqueline Green grew up in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, where she devoured books the way other kids did candy. She never stopped loving those books she read as a kid, so after receiving her BA from Cornell University, she went on to get her MFA in Writing for Children from The New School. She’s since worked in many parts of the children’s publishing field, from marketing to editorial to writing. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and their very small dog, who moonlights as her writing companion. Truth or Dare is her first novel.


7 thoughts on “Care for a Game of Truth or Dare?

  1. Congrats, Jacqueline! 2013 is bound to be exciting for both you (to hold your book) and us readers (ALSO to hold your book).

    P.S: I’m EXTRA excited for the New England setting! Gotta love that culture and those accents.

      1. Haha. Apologies, Beth! Fury was awesome in its own right without accents, obviously. I mean, come on, that town name alone reels you in! Now that I think about it though, if Ty and the other Furies had accents that could’ve been extra alluring, almost like a siren song–for me, at least. (I better behave because it’s becoming quite obvious I would stand ZERO chance against that pack.)

        Is it cool to ask if it’s a fictional seaside town or just an actual town yet to be named?

  2. Sounds like a really fun series! I am so excited to read it, so tell us when you have more info like a publishing date! Congratulations Jacqueline!

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