A Very Popular Christmas

Doctor X may be a megalomaniacal genius intent on world domination in M.E. Castle‘s soon-to-be-released Popular Clone, but he’s not too busy to give you some hints about the holiday season. You should probably listen up. He has a death ray.

But Fisher Bas, our hero, will not be deterred by a mysterious man in a silly hat! Along with his copy of Popular Clone, there’s just a few more things he wants for Christmas this year. Really, he doesn’t ask for much…


One thought on “A Very Popular Christmas

  1. I am very excited for for The Clone Chronicles 3 and 4!!! I also hope they make a 5!!! I started the series during the summer for the reading list and ever since then I have been hooked and every day i have been searching for a website like http://theclonechronicles.com/ to see what book was next and now I now so thanks!!!

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