“R” Rated Book Trailers

…R for “Really Scary,” that is! In honor of Halloween being only a month away, check out this selection of some of the creepiest book trailers from across the web. We can’t wait to read them all! With a flashlight under the covers, of course. And maybe a teddy bear, just for good measure…

– Elizabeth Miles, Fury

There’s nothing freakier than realizing you’re being watched… especially when you know you’ve done something bad!

– Maureen Johnson, The Name of the Star

A Jack The Ripper copycat is loose in London??? We’re terrified already! The angsty music and the blood-red, black, and gray images, will keep us spooked all the way through Halloween.

– Mary Hooper, Velvet

We can still hear that whispering…

– Harlan Coban, Shelter

You know a book is going to be thrilling and suspenseful when the trailer opens up with a picture of a grave. Yikes, we’re going to add this to our list of Books We Only Read In The Day Time.

Not scared yet? Check out even more haunting book trailers after the jump. And be safe this Halloween–no candy from strangers, kids!

– Jocelyn Davies, A Beautiful Dark


Like the Twilight Zone, this trailer’s quiet music is unnerving as the words quickly appear and disappear over the screen. Hours later, when you’re so sure you can hear that tinkling music, you’ll know why it made our scary trailers list!

– Tyra Banks, Modelland

With her confidence and crazy anticts, we generally find Tyra Banks to be a terrifying person but she’s taken it to whole new level with her young adult novel. Scary music, dark images, and creepy eyes! We’re intrigued, Tyra, well done!

Are you as excited for these books are we are? What are some of your other favorite book trailers? Let us know in the comments!


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