Getting Excited About Autumn!

Having grown up in New England, I have a special place in my heart for fall. The leaves change, it gets all brisk and windy, all the harvest festivals and fairs start up (Though I’ve been told my excitement about this is regional. True or false?), pumpkin EVERYTHING hits shelves (Again… regional?), and I get to start wearing layers and sweaters and boots! (I just really like my fall wardrobe, okay?)

And, to make it even BETTER, today is rainy, which is my favorite kind of day. I know, I hate Wednesdays, but I love the rain. It doesn’t need to make sense. So I’m spending the day inside working, listening to Counting Crows, drinking tea out of my elephant teapot and getting more and more pumped for fall with each degree the temperature drops!

My adorable elephant teapot and my shmancy new cup and saucer

So if you’re rained-in like I am (and if you are on the East Coast you probably are), some questions to ponder:

What are your favorite parts of fall?

IS my obsession with fairs a regional thing?

Do you have a favorite pumpkin based item? I will accept apple and apple cider based products as well.

Do I still hate a Wednesday if it’s raining?

Let me know in the comments because I want to talk to someone!


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4 thoughts on “Getting Excited About Autumn!

  1. I love everything about fall. Except the fact that fall brings winter. (So not ready for weather that cold!) My favorite fall treats are apple cider donuts from a local apple farm and pumpkin squares with cream cheese icing. I was born and raised in a small town in the northeast so we’re all obsessed with fairs here. Even when I lived in TX people were all about the state fair. Fried food, cowboys, rides…what’s not to love about the fair?

    Fun post! Now I need to make a cup of tea and pull out my pumpkin recipes. ; )

    OH, and I have to mention that the thing I once hated about fall—going back to school—I now love. As a mom, I get to enjoy some serious uninterrupted writing time everyday. Cheers to that!

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