Revenge-Inspired Makeovers: A Review

Since this month is totally devoted to Fury we’re digging revenge inspired everything. So to celebrate, we’ve selected some of our favorite revenge-inspired makeovers in movie history. A top four:

Crazy Stupid Love: Cal (Steve Carrell) gets a suave makeover when he finds out his wife has been cheating on him.  Hottie Ryan Gosling helps him out with a new wardrobe and attitude to get him back in the groove.

Pretty Woman: Vivian (Julia Roberts) gets revenge on the sales ladies of Rodeo Drive with a classy new look that leaves them regretting they ever turned her away.

Mean Girls: Cady (Lindsay Lohan pre her own unfortunate rage (and drug) inspired makeover) gets two great revenge inspired makeovers.  The first is when Janice Ian makes Cady into the ultimate Plastic to get revenge on Regina for spreading vicious rumors about her.  Cady takes that makeover to another level when she tries to land Aaron Samuels, only it fails miserably.  Word vomit is not the same as actual vomit!

Grease:  Sandy’s (Olivia Newton John) dramatic makeover (leather pants, heels, and perm!) comes after she realizes that she’s the only person holding herself back from Danny.   She tosses out the good girl look and attitude with a vengeance. This might not really get revenge on anyone other than her father (who probably had a heart attack when he saw her) but considering Olivia Newton John managed to go through that entire funhouse in heels without falling, we felt we should give it up to her anyway.

What are your favorite revenge-inspired (or not!) movie makeovers?


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