A Contest Faux Pas

I have to apologize to everyone who might have been marked in our Fury e-card campaign in the past week, because, it turns out, I screwed up. Once the emails went out, I soon realized that while I could track who out of the initial recipients forwarded the card to enter to contest, once it went beyond that point, I lost control of tracking it. I should have tested this better and I’m sorry.

That being said, we still very much want you ALL to be marked by the Furies throughout the month, so I will be issuing a new set of e-cards with a new rule. You still have to forward to five people to enter, but then also forward it a SIXTH time to news@paperlanternlit.com, so that I can be sure I got your entry.

If you were one of the initial recipients, I was able to see your forwards and I have successfully logged your entries. But if you have been marked by the Furies via forward from someone else at this point and forwarded the e-card, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to see it. If this is the case (and we’re on the honor system here people, so please try and live up to the awesomeness you have shown as readers here so far) please email me at news@paperlanternlit.com and let me know that you deserve your three entries.

Again, I deeply apologize for my contest logistical error, and I promise in the future to test my contest theories through more than just one level of tracking. This is nobody’s fault at PLL but mine.

Thanks for reading, commenting, entering, and (hopefully!) forwarding and we hope to see you back here throughout the month for more Fury-related news.

If you haven’t been marked by the Furies yet, if you are a newsletter subscriber you may be on the list for a second round of e-cards, going out shortly, so watch your inbox!



One thought on “A Contest Faux Pas

  1. I’ve been waiting for Fury for so long and am really excited for it! It looks like an amazing new series with great potential! Would you be willing to do a post on current genres that are trending in the publishing market?

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