Our Favorite Revenge Movies

In the spirit of Fury, we’ve made a list of our favorite revenge movies. Even The Furies would be proud of these vengeful plots:

The Princess Bride: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Proof that it’s possible to do a revenge move AND an epic sweeping romance at the same time, The Princess Bride is that movie we turn to when we need to be reminded that love conquers all, especially if you have a friend who is handy with a sword.

The Lion King: Sure, this might start off like a lighthearted cartoon movie, but once Simba grows up and takes on the fierce and despicable Scar, culminating in that awesome fight scene in the rain, this movie’s revenge theme truly emerges. A great plot plus an incredibly soundtrack makes this movie a winner in our books!

John Tucker Must Die:  We love watching funny, smart girls band together, especially if it is to take down a smarmy boy. It helps that we have been obsessed with Jesse Metcalfe since his days as the maid’s hot son on Passions and Eva’s sexy gardener on Desperate Housewives! But what really seals the deal here is the movie’s tagline: “Don’t get mad. Get even.” Words to live by?

Colombiana:  We are dying to see this movie as soon as it comes out. Zoe Saldana as a cold hearted assassin out to get revenge on the mobsters who killed her parents in front her? Yes, please! There need to be more kickass girls in film and we think Zoe Saldana is the perfect choice! The Furies would agree with this movie’s tagline, “Vengeance is Beautiful.”


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