Past Perfect is Perfect Presently

We loved Past Perfect, the second book by the fabulous Leila Sales, about Chelsea Glaser, who is spending the summer in Williamsburg, VA. Chelsea is a wicked smart history buff who is working at Essex, a historical reenactment tourist site. Sadly, her summer is shaping up to be a drag; she still isn’t over her ex, Ezra, and the only guy remotely interested in her thinks pre-marital “bundling practices” are great fodder for conversation. But Chelsea manages to keep up her morale with the help of her best friend, Fiona, and their participation in The War: the long, prank-filled feud that exists between Essex and the rival historical reenactment site, “Reenactmentland.” Sales gets all of the details right, from the file Chelsea keeps on Ezra, to the trampoline seduction scene we wish had happened to us.

In between moping over Ezra, Chelsea spends her time scheming for ways to take down the enemy, Reenactmentland reenactors…like Dan, the studyly civil war reenactor that she meets and falls for.  Throughout the novel, Chelsea must choose her priorities: friends, family, a lost love, and a potential new love, in order to survive her summer and win The War. There is a great cast of characters including Tawny Nelson, Essex’s fierce General in the War, and Chelsea’s history obsessed/lecture prone dad.   If this wasn’t enough, there are long descriptions of Fiona and Chelsea’s path to becoming ice cream connoisseurs, which are so funny to read, it’s almost like eating ice cream. We recommend that you get a copy of Past Perfect and a bowl of your favorite ice cream flavor as soon as it comes out; you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to check back next month to find out how you could win a copy of Past Perfect, before it’s released, from us!


One thought on “Past Perfect is Perfect Presently

  1. I love the idea of a story set at a historical re-enactment site. My mom and I toured a similar site near where I live now and I was so impressed by the teen tour guides in the houses. I wished I had had something like it where I grew up. Was actually tempted to sign on to be a volunteer myself, still consider it at times 🙂

    Will add to my To-Read List.

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