Get Marked by the Furies and Win!

We’re getting pumped for the release of Fury all month long, we want you to help us spread the word, and you can win free books and apparel for doing it! You can enter to win in two ways.

First, as always, you can enter here on our blog. Get up to THREE entries by:

  • Commenting on this post (you MUST do this to enter here).
  • Tweeting about the contest (be sure to include @paperlanternlit in your tweet, or let us know you tweeted in your comment).
  • Signing up for our newsletter (follow the link in the sidebar). Or, if you are already a subscriber, please let us know in your comment.

You can also get an additional THREE entries for being marked by The Furies.

The Furies have sent out e-cards today marking certain readers for the contest. If you’ve received an email, you must forward it using the link within the email to enter. Forward to at least five friends and you will get THREE entries in the contest (even if you haven’t commented on the blog), one for each Fury! If you haven’t been marked, try and score a forward from a friend for your own chance to win. Full details can be found in the e-card, so start searching!

At the end of the month THREE lucky winners will get a Revenge is Sweet T-shirt and a copy of Fury signed by Elizabeth Miles! One of these three will have a secret bonus note and signature from Elizabeth’s best friend Lauren Oliver!

Three more runners up will receive Revenge is Sweet T-shirts.

All in all, if you enter on our blog, get marked, and participated in our pre-contest to design a Fury T-shirt, you could end up with SEVEN entries! So be sure to cover all your bases for more chances to win!

Contest starts today and runs through August 30. Contest is international.

Get marked!


46 thoughts on “Get Marked by the Furies and Win!

  1. I just signed up for the newsletter (Amber Robinson), I tweeted @aLmYbNeNr, and I forwarded the email to 5 friends. 🙂


  2. I can’t wait for Fury, but I’m not sure I want to be ‘marked’. Doesn’t that mean you’re going to die? :/

    I subscribe to your newsletter as well. =) (christine.dunbar(at)gmail.com)

  3. I want to take revenge on the TWO people who are taking up the THREE primo parking spots in front of the building! Catty? Maybe, but parking is tough to come by and I don’t want to walk 3 blocks in the heat with my groceries. Learn to parallel park or move back to the suburbs please.

  4. I Commented on this post (

    I Tweeted about the contest. I used the hashtag I am fangedmom73 on twitter

    I signed up for the newsletter.

    I have been marked and marked 5 people via email.

    THANK YOU SO MUCHF OR THIS! I am so excited! This book sounds AMAZING!!

  5. I am a newsletter subscriber. The first book in the “Furies” series sounds very exciting and mysterious. One thing that makes me want to take revenge is listening to the politicians argue about the debt while the rest of us are struggling in this poor economy.

  6. So cool. I read the advance galley of Fury recently and found it very interesting and not what I expected. In a good way. 🙂

    And I’m already a subscriber. leroberts.26(at)gmail(dot)com

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