PLL Writer/Roller Derby Girl Extraordinaire Comes to Town!

This weekend was SO HOT in New York City and only something really spectacular could make me leave my air conditioned apartment– the chance to watch PLL writer Lauren Morrill in a roller derby match!!!

Guys, roller derby is SO COOL.   If you’ve never heard of roller derby before, rent Whip It right now.  It involves  kick ass strong girls in skates with awesome names like Mona Mour (that’s Lauren’s derby name!).

Manhattan Mayhem warming up

Lauren plays for the the Wicked Pissahs, who took on the Manhattan Mayhem this past Saturday at Hunter College.   After that match, she ALSO played for the Boston Blackouts against the Bronx Gridlock.  She is so tough, I would have been exhausted!!!

Here’s a picture of me geeking out with Lauren/Mona!  Not Pictured: The MONA MOUR, MI AMOR sign we made for her. You can learn more about Lauren Morrill by checking out her blog.  Her debut novel, Meant to Be, comes out October 2012!


We ❤ PLL + Roller Derby!




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