Pretty Little Liars 2.6 “Never Letting Go” New Recap + Photos!

Previously on PLL: the best episode ever! Also, Aria is now friends with Ali’s hot, hot, hot older brother who is (maybe) not a murderer.

We open with the girls folding programs for the PTA’s fashion show. Spencer is still rallying hard for Ian to be Ali’s murder, but Hanna suggests that it might be A instead. They move on to talk about more interesting things: boys! Ezra is at a conference, so he won’t be coming to the fashion show and now way is Hanna inviting Caleb to the fashion show (even though everyone knows she is totally dying to.) Aria gets a text from Jason and pretends it’s from Ezra before leaving the room to “deal with it.” The girls are too busy giving Emily a hard time about turning into a romantic mush brain to notice that Aria needs TO LEAVE THE HOUSE to talk to “Ezra.” Jason does what I would do if I had a convertible, which is use every excuse to drive it, even if

Enough about Ian, can we talk about how awesome my hair looks???

it is just down the street to Spencer’s house. Aria hops in his car and they talk about Jason putting everything behind him and Ali’s mom giving up her role as the PTA queen. I’m still not getting the sexual tension here, but I want to because Ezra is so wrong for Aria. When Hanna comes home, she bursts her parents’ happy bubble by bringing up Isabel and basically pushing him out the house. Hanna is one prickly pear today, even if she does have the best hair EVER. I also should mention that Hanna is wearing a shirt with a giant nude stripe over her boobs. The first time I watched this, I did a double take because I thought it was see through! Click for more of the recap and pictures from the fashion show!

Spencer and Toby make out on her doorstep and they are pretty cute, but they don’t say I love you at the end, which is kind of strange since they’ve already crossed that barrier. Spencer walks in on her father screaming into the phone and he tells her it’s nothing, off handedly mentioning that Melissa is at a five star resort. Huh, so that’s what you do when your husband is a suicidal murderer and child rapist! Spencer grows even more suspicious when she checks his phone and discovers her dad was yelling at Ali’s mom. Meanwhile, Emily and her mom have some sweet bonding time about missing Emily’s dad. Emily can tell her mom is so sad, so she tells her mom to pack her bags and head back to Texas, Emily will be fine on her own. Instead of laughing hysterically at her like any normal mom would, Emily’s mom promises to “think about it.”

The next morning, Aria and Spencer are hanging out in Spencer’s kitchen. Their makeup looks great right now,

Spencer is rocking some purple and brown eye-shadow colors and Aria is going for fresh faced. They get a surprise invitation to lunch with Ali’s mom, where she gives them big boxes. Aria is all “Yay presents!!!” until she realizes the presents are Ali’s old clothes. Everyone flashes back to when Ali modeled her fancy clothes and wouldn’t let anyone else them on. Two things: 1-Apparently there wasn’t enough money in the prop department for them to bring back Hanna’s fat suit and 2-I love how the flashbacks show the girls maturing in their understanding that Ali was a terrible friend. Unfortunately, Ali’s mom tells them that her dream is for them to wear her dead daughter’s clothing at Ali’s tribute during the fashion show and after she says that, there is no way they can turn her down.

Hanna tries anyway, but the girls talk her into doing it. Aria volunteers to run tribute photos by Jason and they girls all put their antennas on and sense that Aria is up to something. Spencer heads to the student committee meeting with the fashion show programs and the rest of the committee is like “Gross.” Mona pulls her aside and tells her she has revamped everything about the fashion show. You can tell Spencer wants to hate her, but the changes she has made are awesome (shiny programs, swag bags, spot n the newspaper,

Hot or not: my white stockings???

and a dj). Mona also slips in that she is the new committee chair since everyone thought Spencer was a big fat liar and wasn’t around to vote. I can’t hate Mona here I remember how annoying it was to be part of a club where the president blew off meetings and nothing got done. I can’t make up my mind about Spencer’s outfit because I love the blazer, dress, and skirt peeking out underneath (very Kristin Wiig from Bridesmaids!), but I can’t stand the see through white knee highs. So close, Spencer! What do you guys think?

Samarah and Emily have a dress up session in her room and the camera pans on Emily’s butt as she slowly takes her dress off. That was kind of weird, but I guess if they show shirtless boys, they should pander to both sides of the team. Aria asks her mom about people blacking out and her mom cops to blacking out a few nights in college. Aria gets more specific, telling her about Jason’s black out situation (only without mentioning his name). Rather than freak out that Aria is hanging out with people who black out from advice, she gives her good, honest advice. Aria’s mom wins the best parent award for this episode! Hanna’s dad isn’t so lucky—he brings her thai food, but only gets in a fight with Hanna about whether he is hanging around their home to grow closer to Hanna or her Mom. He gives up and walks out, which is the worst way to end an argument. Bad parenting!

Jason and Aria flirt with each other as they review pictures of Ali on Aria’s laptop. Have I mentioned how hot he is??? She not very subtly pries into what he (doesn’t) remember and he gets mad at her implied accusations, telling her being her friend was a mistake. At the fashion show, Mona is acting like the director from hell and Spencer can’t take it. She takes a break to rant to Toby about how much she wants to pull off Mona’s side pony tail, and neither of them explain why Toby is working on the fashion show. The rest of the girls are backstage getting ready and Samarah shows up with a friend who is standing so close to her, it almost looks like they are holding hands. Emily’s jealousy radar starts beeping, but the girls try to keep her rational. Spencer and Mona continue to class and it kind of bothers me that Spencer can’t let someone else be the boss for once, especially since she’s been so hands off. Did she expect the fashion show to just run itself? The moms chat about sex over martinis, or rather, Emily’s mom’s lack of sex, since her hubby is in Texas. Hanna’s mom implies that she’s getting back in her groove (is that what they called it back then?) and they all raise their eyebrows at her. On her way backstage, Spencer spots her dad yelling at Ali’s mom and gets all shifty eyed.

Hanna decides to steal some champagne because she can tell that Emily is on the train to Mopesville, USA, population two: Emily and Jenifer Anniston. Hanna’s parents forgive their past transgressions and dance closely. They look so happy and sweet, I totally understand why Hanna is freaking out. I think him and Caleb should duke it out! Backstage, Samarah and Emily have The Talk (about being exclusive) and surprise! Samarah is trying to date around. Uh oh!

The fashion show begins, and really words can’t describe the crazy feathers, leather, buttons, netting, and more. OH MAN. Sensory overload here, I hope these pictures do it justice!!!!

You can tell Mona doesn't like Spencer, she is the least well accessorized!
Hanna: Being friends with a fashion show director has its perks. We look so hot!

The show ends with a tribute to Ali, but it is interrupted by crazy rock music, video of flames around Ali’s face, and scribbles of “EVIL BITCH” and “MONSTER” across her face. Hey, maybe Perez Hilton is A!!!! The girls look on in horror and Noel pretends not to know how to turn off the screen. Ali’s mom walks out and the show quickly ends. Spencer just yanks the cords out of the speakers (duh). Everyone is horrified and the only good that came of this is that Caleb offers to walk Hanna home (hoorah!) A final message appears on the screen: “My clothes, my shoes, my game, my rules.” –A. The girls scamper while Aria runs backstage to grab her stuff (product placement for shampoo). Noel gives back the surprise ending cd to Aria and Jason interrupts them to give Noel the stink eye and offer Aria a ride home. Aria surprises herself by saying yes. The fact that I can tell this means her acting is improving. Go Aria!

We end with two surprises from the parents. Emily’s mom tells her that Emily will stay with Hanna while she goes to Texas. WOW. Lucky her, I can’t wait to see the first house party she throws! I hope Hanna crashes another car! Then Spencer’s dad tells her to stay away from Jason because he is dangerous. I think it’s been proven that Spencer’s parents are TERRIBLE judges of character, so Spencer should just buy Jason a BFF necklace already.

Wow, that was a great episode! Let me know what you think about the looks! Which do you think was the best of the night???


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