Help Us Design a T-Shirt for Fury

As a part of the giveaways we’ll be doing throughout the month of August to celebrate the release of Fury on August 30, we’re making up and giving away some revenge themed t-shirts. Only now we can’t decide which design we like more!

Help us out by posting your opinions in the comments. Each commenter will also get an early entry to the Fury giveaway starting August 1. That’s one more entry than anyone else will be getting, just for your opinion! Isn’t the Internet great?

And if you don’t have an opinion, be sure to come back August first for all the details on our month-long Fury-fest and how you can win some free books and one of these t-shirts!



1.1 & 1.2

2.1 & 2.2


116 thoughts on “Help Us Design a T-Shirt for Fury

  1. I *would* say 2.2, but . . . since the shirt is black, you can’t see the stem of the cherry and so you can’t tell what the heck it (the cherry) is.

    SOOOO . . . I pick 1.2.

  2. I actually kind of like the lips more b/c it reminds me of the band The Veronicas (a band of twin girls I love) where they have lip prints on their first album. And they do have a song called “Revenge is Sweeter.” 🙂

  3. I really like the cherry designs! I like the black, but I think the white one (2.1) looks better. You can see the whole design better.

  4. 1.2 The black background with the lips is hot. The cherry seems kind of out of place for a revenge theme. I think the lips would appeal to a broader range.

  5. 2.2 – The word and the red of the cherry really jump out and catch your eye more against the black background. And since “Revenge is sweet”, the cherry is more fitting than the lips.

    Looking forward to Fury 🙂

  6. I definitely like the one with the cherry best, having a play on words with “sweet” and a cherry dangling from it is too cute! I like the black background a little more, but either white or black it’s pretty dang awesome!

  7. I really like version 1.2. The black as many other people have posted is always more flattering, and the lips just make the t-shirt “pop” out more to me. Can’t wait to read Fury! 🙂

  8. Both black shirts are better than the white styles, but version 1.2 is my favorite. The lips give more sass than the cherry.

  9. I like the Cherry, after eating Rainier Cherries all weekend I can attest to how sweet and delicious cherries are 🙂 I like 2.1 with the white background best. Clean and simple!

  10. Version 2.2 all the way! The design is gorgeous, font perfect, cherry sweet (haha) and colour flattering. I’m so excited for fury! By the way, can you do a post on publisher/editor wants for YA books?

  11. I like 1.2 and 2.2. The black makes the red pop, and I can’t decide if I like the lips or the cherry better!

  12. WOW, they are both really cute, but I think I like the black w/ white lettering and the cherry. I think the cherry just SCREAMS sweet! Like a revenge sundae with a cherry on top! ;o)

  13. I love all the designs but I think 2.2 is absolutely amazing! The cherry makes it look sweeter than the lips and stands out more on the black. Plus the black background makes the white and red pop! 🙂

  14. I like the black with the cherry is best – black conveys the message better, I think 😉 The cherry is super cute, too.

  15. I like 2.1 ( the white with black writing) but 2.2 is absolutely lovely as well. I think the cherry gives a better effect over the lips.

  16. I really like 1.2. I love the smooch, I like how it can really be both revenge and sweet. Sealed with a kiss. 🙂

  17. 1.2 White shirts are hard to wear sadly. Like that the lips are really a kiss off (make me think of the Scissor Sisters song).

  18. black background with lips is by far the best. it’s like

    “oh, look, she has a shirt with lips on it, how sweet…” but then you read it and go..

  19. I like 1.2 the best because of how the lips contrast with the black background. I’m not a big fan of white t-shirts and on 2.2 you can’t see the cherry stem.

  20. I like the Revenge is Sweet with the lips on the black background. The black really makes the lips and writing stand out. So 1.2 from me.

  21. I think 2.1 just because it is hard to see the cherry stem in 2.2. It makes the cherry look like a heart or something. Not sure. Maybe a bright green stem would have helped? Anyway, I vote for 2.1.

  22. 2.1 The design in clean a crisp. In 2.2 you weren’t able to see the cherry stem very well having the background black. But in 2.1 the stem will be visible from a distance which I believe adds more character to the design. I also like how the cherry plays off the word sweet in a more clever way. The design of the lips aren’t my favorite, they are a little to open mouthed for my taste. 2.1 is my vote! 😀

  23. I love 1.2 the most! A kiss to seal the deal 😉 What more can you do, after taking revenge on a nemesis? The black really makes the lips on the t-shirt stand out.

  24. 2.1

    I love the white background t, with the cherry. The cherry stands out and white is for purity, no? I think that’s kind of poetic.

  25. 2.1 and 1.2 are my favorites. With 2.1 you can clearly see the cherry, and 1.2 is dramatic, which fits the “revenge is sweet.”

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