And the Swag Goes To…

Congratulations to the Winner of our Summer Swag Giveaway!

Bethany – Grand Prize #1
Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have)
Amen, L.A.
The Day Before

Jennifer – Grand Prize #2
Die For Me

Gretchen Alice – 2nd Prize #1
Legend – Signed ARC
Glow – ARC
The Space Between – ARC

Ella – 2nd Prize #2
Ashes – Signed ARC
Shattered Souls – ARC
The Probability of Miracles – ARC

Mrs. Provence – 3rd Prize #1
The Taker – ARC
Where It Began – ARC

Natalie – 3rd Prize #2
Shelter – ARC
Dark Eden – ARC

PLL Totes Go To:
Tasnim Sheikh
miranda brumbaugh

Congratulations to all the winners! Look for an email from us soon!

And if you didn’t win, come back soon because we’ve got a whole new giveaway coming up! (HINT)


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