The Probability of a Perfect Book

It may be impossible to find a book that you’d call absolutely perfect, but you can certainly make a list of your ideal book’s qualities. It’ll make you laugh so hard you snarf your root beer. It’ll make you cry so hard you end up hiccupping uncontrollably in public. It’ll have a voice, or writing style, that surprises and intrigues you; a special way of seeing the world. It’ll have a plot that keeps you turning pages, unable to stop until you find out how it all ends, and characters that feel like people you know—or people you want to know. And, it’ll have some bare chested dude running along a beach somewhere in there, too.

If your ideals are anything like PLL’s, we think the probability that you’ll love Wendy Wunder’s debut is going to be very, very high.

The Probability of Miracles, in short, is about a teen girl named Cam who has spent most of her life fighting a terminal illness. At the start of the book, her doctors tell her she’s going to need nothing short of a miracle if she’s going to survive beyond this summer. And so, she sets off to make some miracles come true.

With dry and sometimes shocking humor alongside incredible insight about what the truly important things in life are, this book will take an unexpected hold on you. The Probability of Miracles will pull you along on a fun, philosophical, and often bizarre ride from a cynical, behind-the-scenes perspective on the make-believe of Disney World; to the fine art of Polynesian dance; to how to save the lives of puppies, canaries, donkeys and baby flamingos; to how to make your own life mean something, no matter how long have you have left.

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