PLL’s Super Summer Swag Giveaway!

Question: What goes perfect with summer?

Answer: Reading on the beach!

We have some sexy new Paper Lantern Lit tote bags! Enter our contest and you could win one of 6 PLL tote bags stocked with a selection of new and upcoming titles. Or you could be one of 5 lucky winners of an empty tote for you to carry your books to the beach in style!

Grand Prize #1
Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have)
Amen, L.A.
The Day Before

Grand Prize #2
Die For Me

2nd Prize #1
Legend – Signed ARC
Glow – ARC
The Space Between – ARC

2nd Prize #2
Ashes – Signed ARC
Shattered Souls – ARC
The Probability of Miracles – ARC

3rd Prize #1
The Taker – ARC
Where It Began – ARC

3rd Prize #2
Shelter – ARC
Dark Eden – ARC

5 Runners Up will win an empty PLL Tote!


1) You MUST submit a comment on this post to be entered. Whatever you’re feeling.

2) You can garner ANOTHER entry by tweeting about the contest. Be sure to include @paperlanternlit in your tweet so we don’t miss it!

3) You can get YET ANOTHER entry by being a subscriber to our newsletter! If you’re not already, sign up by following the link in our sidebar. If you are, be sure to let us know so we can mark down your entry. YOU DO NOT NEED TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL IN YOUR COMMENT TEXT. Just let us know if you’re a subscriber.

Do all three and you’ll be entered three times. Easy peasy! Contest ends 11:59pm July 15 and winners will be announced July 16. Good luck!



223 thoughts on “PLL’s Super Summer Swag Giveaway!

  1. I subscribe and I tweeted under @lindsaycwrites

    My comment: i guess I will have to stick with werewolves. In books, they are always so SEXY. In movies…theyre hideous hairy men with lost loves. I’ll stick with book werewolves. Helloooo Jacob Black. 😉

  2. Fave werewolf story? I don’t read much of the paranormal genre, but I really enjoyed Nightshade by Andrea Cremer 🙂 I am a subscriber to your newsletter and I just tweeted about this contest (@sillysomething). Wooo.

  3. Very fun way to start a long weekend!

    I was actually having a conversation last night with a friend about how I may end my long time werewolf strike and try Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade. It feels like the universe wants me to give it a try.

    Tweeted @katiemariefunk

    Thanks so much!

  4. Love the giveaway! I’m a newsletter subscriber (christine.dunbar(at)gmail.com).

    My favorite werewolf story… I’m going with the Wolves of Mercy Falls, mainly because I just finished Forever and I LOVE, love, love Sam & Grace.

  5. Would love to win this, I’ve finished my 100 books in a year challenge and need new books to read!

    I have to say my favourite genre at the moment is realistic YA books like Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers, Hate List by Jennifer Brown but also a bit of realistic fantasy books like Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

    I’ve tweeted about this too at @ATinySparrow 🙂

  6. Not that I don’t already have way too many books but I would love to be able to get my hands on some new ones. Plus a lot of these sound right up my alley.

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway; I love all of the dystopian novels that are included!!!
    I’m a new e-mail subscriber. 🙂

    susanna DOT pyatt AT student DOT rcsnc DOT org

  8. I would love to win this because I adore reading. It’s something I highly highly enjoy.

    I read really fast and I’m always looking for new things to read.

    I tweeted this from @GracieNachos

  9. fantastic contest. i’ve tweeted and subscribed to your newsletter! 🙂 🙂 🙂 i’d love to win the 2nd grand prize with the SPACE BETWEEN arc in it, because Brenna is one of my favourite authors! 🙂

  10. This is awesome (forgive the filler word!) This giveaway makes me spazz! *crossed fingers that I’m a winner* You said to say what I’m feeling: hungry. So, I’m going to go get food!

    RETWEETED @beachtwin110
    I’m a SUBSCRIBER! 🙂
    wordslikesilverblog at gmail dot com


  11. This is a great giveaway and I am thrilled to enter. I also signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great prizes.

  12. This is a great contest! I’m signing up for the newsletter. Thank you.

    Dreamycowgirl @ hotmail.com

  13. I subscribed and tweeted under @riyamangra 🙂

    I think this is such a cool giveaway! I love the reading on the beach because the sound of the ocean really gives you a relaxing feel. Thanks so much!

  14. Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂 I have had my eye on Brenna Yovanoff’s The Space Between for approximately a bazillion months!
    (also I just signed up for your newsletter!)

  15. Oh my gosh, this contest is so awesome!
    I signed up to your news letter and I tweeted from @bookluver1208
    Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  16. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. I also subscribed to your newsletter and am looking forward to seeing it.

    I LIVE for summer reading!!!

  17. Yay! What an amazing contest. I have been looking forward to the space between by brenna yovanoff for FOREVER!!! (The prize I most hope to win). And Ten things we did (that we probably shouldn’t have)? I am a HUGE Sarah Mlynowski fan and have been awaiting her book for so long. By the way, an amazing author to check out is Lauren Oliver (who actually sent me to this post:)) as an avis reader I am so excited for this contest! Good luck to all of you!

  18. Great giveaway. Thanks so much!!!! Hope I win books and bag, or even just the bag to carry all my books in 🙂

    tweeted and now signed up for the newsletter.

    Thanks again.

  19. Long weekends, great contests, warm weather and books to read make summer a season to savour.
    I learned about your contest from @OliverBooks and have retweeted under @missbrendamarie. Also I subscribed to your newsletter.

  20. Thanks for this! I subscribed to the newsletter!
    I would love to take that tote to the beach, full of books that I will read in the sun!
    Thank you!

  21. Amazing giveaway! I like it even more that a lovely Canadian like myself can enter!

    I have subscribed to the newsletter and I tweeted under @natalievana

    Good luck everyone!

  22. Thanks so much for this great giveaway!! Great prizes to be had. One of the prizes contains my three favourite books of the year so far!!!
    Starcrossed weaves Greek mythology seamlessly into a wonderfully written tale of family, fate and forbidden love.
    Die For Me creates a fascinating new breed of heroes and villains. Set in the beautiful city of Paris, Amy Plum takes us into the world of Revenents where nothing is quite as straightforward as it seems.
    Finally Passion, the stunning continuing story of Daniel and Luce, a fallen angel and his eternal love, cursed across time for putting their love above all else.

    Good luck everyone! Contest retweeted @CeruleaBlue.

  23. So great!!! love the bags!!
    even here we are in winter love the idea of reading at the beach, actually I do it every summer..
    I’m a suscriber!!
    Hope I win something 🙂

    1. What I am feeling right now? A dire urge to win this contest and grab a great summer read! Hopefully, there will be vampires. THAT will make my summer !

  24. wow. I hope that luck is with me. I have participated in many blogs to win. but apparently I have not had much luck. and seriously I would love to win. I love books and have never had an ARC. I think it would be the best thing that could happen. and this list of books is great. I have seen very good recommendations.
    I tweeted
    I subscribed to your newsletter!

  25. So many great titles here–I want to win them all! 🙂 I subscribe to the PLL newsletter and just tweeted the giveaway (@jmariebooks). Thanks for offering this contest!

  26. I am a subscriber to the newsletter, and would LOVE to read these books on the beach! And the bag is ADORABLE!

  27. Awesome contest! Great selection of books! I’m signed up for the newsletter too. This is a great giveaway!

  28. I think everybody ones to win, thanks for the great chance 😀
    I subscribed with HaeschenausdemHut (literally “Bunny out of the hat” for all non-Germans 😉 ) and tweeted with EquinoxTwilight.

    Thanks again!!

  29. Bouncing up and down with excitement over this great contest!!! Thanks PLL. I will keep my fingers and perhaps my toes crossed for this (which will make my bouncing up and down very difficult…lol).

    Good luck to everyone!

    I also subscribed to your newsletter.

    Cheers – Sass

  30. What an amazing giveaway!!! A couple of those books are on my amazon wish list so I’m hoping!!! I’d especially love to win some ARCs (esp. Glow!). Though Grand Prize #2 looks awesome as well. If nothing else comes from finding this post, at least I have found some new books to add to my wish list.

  31. I just really love the bag … 😀

    If possible don’t count me for either grand prize. I have most of those already, and would rather someone who doesn’t have them win 🙂

    I am so looking forward to going to my cottage and reading now!

  32. This has been a year of reading for me. Since January I have read 103 books and I don’t plan on stopping. There is something about getting lost in a good book that has all of a sudden become addictive to me. Bring on the next one! Love the slogan on the bag and would love to win it. 😉

  33. I tweeted under @tiphanieee 🙂

    My thoughts right now?
    I really loved the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver that I just finished and I can’t wait for her next book because she’s an amazing author(:

  34. Oh my goodness….my summer reading potential just got much, much better!! 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed! Oh…and I subscribed to the newsletter 2/500+ isn’t that bad of odds, right??

  35. I’m 28 & I love YA novels… plus this tote is totally cute! This would be a lovely addition to my summer. 🙂

  36. I’m running out of summer reads! Panic stricken, I fell upon this page and saw the contest. I will be holding my breath until July 16! –Thanks Lauren Oliver for posting this and helping me find it!!!!

  37. what a super giveaway! Thank you! Wowzza!! Would love to win. *Finger crossed*
    i signed up for newsletter

  38. Wow! This sounds like a great giveaway! I’m looking forward to it. I reeeeaaalllyyy wanna read those books too! Thanks!

  39. I would be so happy if I won this contest! I love books and reading on the beach so it’s perfect! 🙂
    I just subscribed and will be tweeting from @parawhore_TMI 🙂

  40. Hello! I have tweeted about the contest and subscribed to the newsletter! My only regret is not finding this website sooner! 🙂

  41. Free books? A person can never have too many (random, multiplying) piles of books to read…no sparkly vampires though…

  42. YAY ive had a BUNCH of good news AND today i saw the cover of pandemonium and the release date but i refuse to read the summary i just cant my heart may burst from excitment! i am SOOOOOO EXCITED for it, cant wait till march! PLUS this contsest, my day just keeps getting better

  43. Wow what an awesome giveaway. Grand prize #2 sounds especially awesome (3 books i am dying to read).


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