New Pretty Little Liars 2.3 “My Name is Trouble”

A new PLL episode, a new summer jam that I can’t stop listening to (a hip hop cover of a Weezer song? I’m sold!), plus a long weekend?  I ❤ summer!

We open with the girls watching a black and white movie and chatting about Ian being alive.  It’s a good thing they are alone in the theater, or else there would be some serious shushing going on.   The lights start to flicker and a creepy man moves to attack them and then Spencer wakes up to an anxious Melissa searching for her wedding ring and acting v. shady.

Hanna is trying to figure out what her parents are up to while wearing the most beautiful outfit ever.  I want the skirt (dress?)!!!  The fashion is really on in this episode, and even Aria is looking awesome; she brought back the feather!  Thank god.  Spencer looks cute and peppy with her scarf, but her quickly mood changes when Toby tells her he is working a new construction job at Ali’s old house because he needs the money.  Even Lucas is feeling fashion inspired, as he’s sporting this witty Urban Outfitters tee.  He and Hanna chat about Caleb, and he feels sad for lonely Hanna and invites her back to yearbook.  Aria goes to meet Ezra at Hollis for her new enrichment class.  His ex-fiancée spots them making out and looks like she wants to vom, which is understandable when your ex boyfriend is committing statutory rape, or at the very least, corruption of a minor.  The writers seem to agree that Aria should be punished, since they stick Jenna in her pottery class.  Dun dun dun!!!!

Spencer stops by Jason/Ali’s house and sees a body in the window that is not Jason, because he is standing in front of her looking so hot.  Too bad he’s kind of an ass and possibly hiding Ian in his house!  She’s really creeped out, but Emily is not very sympathetic and basically is like “take a chill pill.”  Instead, Spencer decides to have a flashback to when Ali came over and implied that she was getting sexually harassed by Jason’s friends.  She almost cries in the mirror but then she pulls herself together.  This scene is very Britney “She’s so lucky, she’s a star/ but she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart” and I kind of love it.  After school, Hanna puts her detective skills to work and finds out Lucas has a new crush.  Meanwhile, Spencer is terrified that Ian is in town and tries to get Melissa to promise that she is on Spencer’s side, but Melissa is too busy to go down memory lane.  I’m not sure if eating ice cream and watching tv counts as being busy, she really is a terrible sister.

Spencer finds Melissa’s ring and thinks evil thoughts.  After school, Aria, Emily, and Hanna are all impressed by Emily’s departure to the darkside—she’s doctored her scouting letter to show that she is guaranteed an athletic scholarship.  The next scene makes the entire episode worth it—a sexy Toby with no shirt, covered in dirt and flexing his muscles.  Jason ruins this moment of pure beauty by spilling blood soaked napkins out of his trash.  Awkward.   Hanna puts in a good word for Lucas with his new crush in true Elle Woods fashion (by implying Lucas is a secret dreamboat).  With the brief shout out to Harvard earlier in the episode and then this scene, I hope this is foreshadowing that Hanna is going to go to Harvard Law!!!  Lucas is too busy trying to figure out why Hanna is being nice to him to thank her.  Oh Lucas, you are too young to be jaded!  Hanna apologizes again for what she did to Lucas, which I think means Caleb is coming back (please bring him back!).

Emily and her mother have a very touching heart to heart about Emily’s coming out and Emily throws away her fake letter because she wants her mother to always trust her.   This is nicely juxtaposed with Spencer, who is never going to have her sister’s trust again, because she pawned Melissa’s engagement ring to buy her new boyfriend a truck!!!  I am surprised by how happy Toby is for the truck (I would expect him to be angry that she spent thousands of dollars on him), but they exchange very sweet I love yous.  Unclear why Toby is wearing a shirt in this scene.

Hanna is loving watching her parents flirt, and she deletes her stepmom’s text message asking Hanna’s dad for forgiveness.  Haley Taylor’s “How Good We Had It” is playing in the background and it is perfect.  Aria and Jenna have a super weird moment (all this time, Aria has been pretending to Anita), where Jenna confides to “Anita” about how much she missing being able to see.  But then she realizes its Aria and is furious.  Aria, I would recommend you signing up for that drawing class right about now!

Emily’s mom finds the doctored letter on the door step and realizes that A has been digging through her trash and doesn’t want Emily to go to Texas.  Why don’t these girls change their locks?!?!  Or realize that A is WATCHING THEM somehow and figure out how??!!?  It’s probably because they are too busy hiding in the bushes, spying on Wren giving Melissa a mysterious package.  The final scene is A rebuying Melissa’s engagement ring.  Spencer is going to have a lot of explaining to do….  Until next week, have a Happy Fourth of July!!!


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