Independents Day

As America gears up to celebrate its independence this weekend, we would like to salute not only the flag, but some of the greatest independent bookstores across America. Check out our list of great independents nationwide, and be sure to let us know about your favorite local shop!

  1. Word (Brooklyn, NY) This cozy bookstore has phenomenal selection despite its size and hosts amazing events, including a young adult fiction book club titled “YA Not?”
  2. Bluestockings (New York, NY) A feminist bookstore with a wild open mic night AND a cafe that serves muffins.
  3. Housing Works  (New York, NY) An amazing selection to support a worthy cause, 100% of their proceeds go to their charity organization committed to ending AIDS and homelessness
  4. Bookcourt (Brooklyn, NY) A beautiful space that turns readings into cocktail parties, with a phenomenal selection of literary journals and local authors.
  5. Elliot Bay (Seattle, WA) This Seattle institution just feels right; open spaces and huge skylights make you want to curl up with a secondhand book and listen to the rain.
  6. Longfellow Books (Portland, ME) A great selection and a knowledgeable staff is enough for us, but hosting Elizabeth Mile’s Fury book party? Well, that’s just amazing.
  7. Copperfields (Petaluma, CA) To celebrate Before I Fall making the NY Times bestselling list, they treated Lauren Oliver an impromptu party on the night of her reader. She loves them.
  8. City Lights (San Francisco, CA) Twisty, turny, and packed FULL of books–you’ll feel smarter just walking inside a literary space once frequented by all the famous beat poets.
  9. Powell’s (Portland, OR) Remember the library in the Beauty and the Beast? The HUGE one with books piled so high they reached the ceiling? Powell’s is like that.
  10. Cavalier House Books (Denham Springs, LA) A bookstore with a social conscience and a whole lot of business savvy, they’ve partnered with Google to provide affordable ebooks.
  11. Prairie Lights (Iowa City, IO) A big, magical bookstore that procures any book you could ever want and has hosted an array of literary heavyweights since 1978.
  12. Tattered Cover (Denver CO) Oozing with charm and mismatched chairs, it’s the perfect place to pretend you have your own personal library.
  13. Busboys and Poets (Washington, DC) An activist bookstore and cafe where legendary poet Langston Hughes once worked.
  14. Anderson’s (Naperville, IL) A warehouse of hidden gems

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