As American As…

With Independence Day approaching this weekend (well technically Monday, but Americans have been known for starting a party early), I’ve been satisfying my depression that I’ll be working with watching a ton of old movies. That’s about as patriotic as I get. Last night I was watching The Road to Bali, my favorite “Road to” movie and thought, “Bob Hope is probably the perfect All-American Man.”

So I Googled him. Because that’s what I do. And do you know what I found? Who is more American than Bob Hope? EVERYONE WHO WAS EVER BORN IN AMERICA. I know! My mind is totally blown! Apparently, Bob was born in England, where he lived until age 5 when he moved to America and became a US citizen at age 17! Now I’m not at all implying that people who obtain citizenship are any less patriotic or American than those of us who are born here, but this information has rocked my world view just a little bit.

Ah well, it doesn’t diminish my love of “Road to” movies. Or any other old movies for that matter. I’m moving on to Singing in the Rain shortly, and depending on how maudlin I’m feeling later, I’ll probably hit Casablanca on my way to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Will you be out celebrating, or stuck inside like me?


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