PLL on PLL, Episode 2.2

No tarts today (boo!), but perhaps next week, compliments of the fancy fruits and veggies sitting in my fridge.  Until then, below is your recap!  As always, let me know what you think!  Do you love Aria’s shoe choices?  Hate Samara????  Wish Emily’s mom would mind her own business?  Leave us some love in the comments!

The girls are still in the greenhouse (in the middle of the woods???) debating whether Ian is alive or not.  When they leave, they spot Ali’s smoldering hot older brother tossing out all of Ali’s personal belongings.  The next day, Spencer finds Melissa coming back from a doctor’s appointment and Melissa rejects all of Spencer’s sisterly love to go mope on the couch.  I’m not sure which is worse, a dead husband or a deadbeat husband.   Granted, none of these are as bad as having Ian as your husband.  I kind of think Melissa might be faking the pregnancy, but my roommate pointed out that she had a fetal monitor hooked up to her during the car crash, so there goes that theory.

At school, Aria continues to give Ezra the cold shoulder, implying that he doesn’t know what he wants.  Her hair also looks darker, what’s up with that?  She leaves his room only to run into Mona, who wants Aria to buy Mr. Fitz a going away present and also to make Hanna be her friend again.   Aria says that is a no go since they aren’t allowed to talk to each other.   Hanna tries to get everyone to sit together at lunch, but Emily walks away because she is a goody two shoes.   What’s really sad is that some of the girls (Aria and Spencer) have no one to sit with.  They should make new friends!!!

After school, Emily gets hit on by the gay teen counselor, Samara, (who was supposed to help her teammate!) and she almost misses out on a date with her, but Samara is very persuasive (and very pretty!).  Emily then gets semi-recruited by a fancy school coach and they are super excited.  Things aren’t looking so hot for Toby’s future, however, when he finds Spencer and tells her that he is going to get his GED and already has a job as a construction worker.  He wants to get the hell out of Rosewood and Spencer tries to be happy for him.  It becomes easier when he tells her she is his #1 reason to stay.  True love is cute, if less than ambitious.

Hanna comes come to find out that her dad is in town and they hash out their daddy/daughter issues.  This story line is so boring, it is barely worth mentioning except for Hanna’s dad’s blatant pass at her mom and the fact that he inspires her to forgive Mona.   Spencer walks brownies over to Ali’s brother in a nosy neighborly kind of way, but he sees right through her and refuses to let her in.  What a waste of brownies!!!  It’s also pretty clear that Ali’s brother is hiding something (or he is really embarrassed about the dirty dishes in the sink).

In more interesting story lines, Aria promises Ezra that she will meet him at his apartment so they can “talk.”  Of course, his meeting runs over and Aria is furious, because she is a CHILD and cannot entertain herself for an hour and half in an apartment.   I know that she is worried about being a doormat to his whims, but seriously, the fact that she couldn’t pick up a book, write something, play on her smartphone or snoop through his belongings is ridiculous.  Aria, you used to be my favorite!!!  She leaves Ezra a sad breakup note in his typewriter (unclear why, since it was handwritten) and then heads off to find Spencer….

Who has clearly taken tips from Hanna and is sexing it up with Toby in the woods.  Jk, I wish.  Instead, they mope about the police not supporting them and cuddle on a log (I can’t even make this up!).  Unfortunately for Aria, this means that Spencer isn’t home to catch A (or Ian????) running out of her house, dressed in all black .  Aria gets shoved away into a sideboard and doesn’t get a good look at the mystery intruder, but Spencer makes it home in time to play nurse and calm her down.

The next day at school, Ezra gives a stirring good bye speech clearly aimed at Aria (you can see all of the other kids squirming) and Aria ignores him, still.  She waits all of about five minutes in the cafeteria before deciding that her and Ezra are M.T.B. (meant to be) and runs (inexplicably in slow motion) to him, and they kiss passionately in public.  This scene was kind of awesome and the camera swings around them as they kiss (which I love) and they seem so happy, for almost an entire minute I didn’t even think about the STATUTORY RAPE CHARGES that Ezra is going to face.  Age ain’t nothing but a number, eh?  When Spencer comes home, she finds Melissa lying about leaving the couch (because her rain boots are clearly wet!!!!).  Suddenly everything isn’t as it seems….

In all honesty, this week’s episode was pretty tame (lame?) considering all of the crazy dramatic action that we saw in the last season-  V.A.T.B (violence against the blind), breaking and entering into a doctor’s office/school/hotel rooms, sex in woods and Hanna getting hit by a car, not to mention other life threatening incidents.  What gives, writers?  I want to see my girl Hanna beat up Jenna again!  I want Aria to bring back the feathers and Spencer to take someone out with her field hockey stick.

Until next week, I’ll leave you with two WTF Aria Outfit Choices:

Draping leather over your foot does not equal a shoe!
Why the athletic gym socks up to your calves, Aria??? Why?!?!

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