PLL on PLL, Episode 2.1: I’m Alive!!!!

YES!  So happy that PLL is back!!!  In order to properly celebrate, we gathered three of our favorite things:

1- an apple tart in the shape of an A for evil Alison. 2- chocolate brownies
3- a hammock chair, aka the world's best TV watching chair.

What are your must have TV watching accessories??  What did you guys think about the show??  Check out our recap and let us know if you agree or disagree!

And so we begin!  The show opens right where we left off last season, outside of Ian’s murder scene.   Apparently the Rosewood nightlife is a dud, as all of the townspeople have gathered to watch Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer as they are taken to the precinct by Emily’s cop friend, Garrett, aka Jenna’s secret lover.  Garrett drives them to a sketchy alley and makes them get out of the car.  Unclear why the girls don’t just refuse, since it’s 4 against 1 and we all know Hanna has a good arm (strong enough to knock the glasses off a blind girl!), but whatever—the girls agree to keep their blackmailing of Ian a secret.

After intense rounds of questioning at the police station, the girls go back to Spencer’s house, where they are ambushed by all of their parents, who insist that they go to therapy.  Spencer is hurt and asks her mom, “You believe me, don’t you?” Spencer’s mom is like, “Hello, do you know the name of this show?”

As if Spencer’s day wasn’t bad enough already, Toby knocks at the door and Spencer’s dad goes into Papa Bear mode and slams the door in Toby’s face.  Sad face for Spencer.

The next day at school, Aria comes dressed as a hooker….seriously, she is wearing black knee high boots with a pink and black mini bandage skirt.  Her and Ezra meet in the classroom, where she tells him that he used to the one guy in her life who never lied to her.  Rather than dump Aria and date someone his own age, Ezra is crushed. Ezra better watch out, as Noel is back and hotter than ever!

After school, they meet their new therapist, who promises to keep all of their secrets.  The girls are so happy to have an adult on their side that they almost spill the beans, but their session ends before they get the chance.  Hanna heads home to find a very repentant Caleb, who wants to make everything up to her.  Because Hanna is a stronger person than I am, she does not instantly make out with him, but sends him away for hurting her.  Meanwhile, Aria heads to Ezra’s apartment to grill him about his relationship with his ex-fiancée/new coworker.  Ezra is shirtless the entire scene (!!!) because he knows his audience well.  Aria and Ezra end their conversation on good terms, but then Aria gets a text from A that reveals she has keys to Ezra’s apartment and has stolen something.  Rather than TELL EZRA TO CHANGE HIS LOCKS, Aria meets with Em, Hanna, and Spencer and they decide they have to tell the shrink everything.

They call an emergency session with the shrink, but before they can reveal anything, Hanna spots Ezra’s diploma on the wall, where A has lovingly placed it.  The girls bolt from the office and their therapist is understandably suspicious of their change of heart.  They are ambushed yet again by their parents, who ban them from spending time together, something the therapist recommended.  Parents are the worst!  And also the best—if you can’t hang out with your girls, might as well make out with your crush, right?   Spencer takes this idea to heart, as Toby sneaks into the house (seriously, why doesn’t he ring the doorbell or knock?!?!) and they have a hot make out session.  Her giddiness is short lived when she finds Melissa’s phone, which seems to have a text message from Ian.  She shows it to the girls and we get our trademarked SHOCKED FACES!!!!

Things I covet

Hanna’s hair: She looks like a pretty pretty princess in every scene, with shiny, bouncy, golden curls.  What is your secret, Hanna?!?


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