Win a Free Copy of NIGHTSHADE!

Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade is no ordinary paranormal romance. If you’re looking for a weak and indecisive girly heroine, you’ll have to look somewhere else, because Calla Tor is a werewolf, and a kick-ass one at that. She is her tribe’s alpha female for her generation: fast, strong, and destined to be married to the smoking hot playboy, Ren, alpha male of the other tribe in town. They plan to form a new tribe and be fast, strong and smoking hot together! The one catch? Humans can’t know about them. All this changes when Calla saves a human boy from a grizzly bear, both breaking the rules of her masters (the Keepers, witches with a past) and revealing to him the existence of her species. Then the boy, Shay, appears in her school as a new transfer student. Sparks fly and mystery ensues.

Soon Calla is trapped in a love triangle between the familiar Ren and the newcomer Shay, and dragged into an investigation that leads her to question her pack, her masters, and her destiny. This fast paced book hits you with reveal after reveal, each of the characters spiraling towards a torturous cliffhanger that will make you desperate for it to be July so that you can read the sequel, Wolfsbane. Who will Calla choose? What will Calla and Shay find? When can we talk more about the boys’ abs? I need to know! And so will you.

Want to win a free copy from us? Check out all the ways to win!

1) You MUST submit a comment on this post to be entered. Suggested topics? Favorite werewolf stories! Or just your entry. Whatever you’re feeling.

2) You can garner ANOTHER entry by tweeting about the contest. Be sure to include @paperlanternlit in your tweet so we don’t miss it!

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Do all three and you’ll be entered three times. Easy peasy! Contest ends 11:59pm June 11 and a winner will be announced June 12. Good luck!


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