The Wednesday Hump


I personally got off to a slow start today due to my aching EVERYWHERE when I got up this morning. This is how you guys know I love you. But I did arrive in time to snag some more great galleys and ARCs that we can’t wait to share with you!

I’m heading down now to check out the BlogWorld and New Media Expo floor to see about the blogging revolution and what I’m missing. Or not missing. Basically I’m getting pumped for the Book Bloggers Convention on Friday! I met lots of other awesome book bloggers waiting in line for the release of galleys this afternoon like Thea of The Book Smugglers who I bonded with over my being terrible at Scrabble. Just because I have a large vocabulary does not make me good at strategy or math. Is this just me?

Who else will be going to the Book Bloggers Convention Friday? I’ll see you there!



One thought on “The Wednesday Hump

  1. Soreness aside and apart from getting so many free books/ARCs one of the best parts of BEA is meeting book lovers from around the country/world. I stood on several lines and met the coolest people that I connect with on Twitter now. Makes the time fly and reminds you how much books have an impact on people. Love BEA!
    Hope you’re resting up from standing and carrying all that stuff. I can highly recommend a spa in Midtown as a way to pamper yourself.

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