BEA Loot: the story of my aching shoulders


Take a look at all the free books I got today! Unfortunately I won’t get to keep most of them because they are for you guys to win! So I guess that’s only unfortunate for me, not you. Hopefully tomorrow I can snag some books for selfish reasons. Though I’m not sure my shoulders can take it…

Heading home to Brooklyn to drop off my stash!

See you tomorrow, Jacob K. Javits Center!


Oh, and, by the way, they’re giving away free beer at Hachette. Just saying.


4 thoughts on “BEA Loot: the story of my aching shoulders

  1. Oh, my shoulders and my thigh hurt. I took a taxi back to the bus station, but still had to drag around all those books to get to my bus. Of course, when I finally got on the bus, I bumped everybody with my bags on my way to my seat. Tomorrow, I’m taking a rolling suitcase.

    Can’t wait for Friday and the BBC. Perhaps I’ll meet you there!

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