It’s here! After weeks of waiting we have finally arrived at BEA! I will be here all week blogging and tweeting at (and with) you from my armed-to-the-teeth mobile work bag. I’m equipped with iPad, laptop, phone, assorted chargers and a mobile hotspot because I refuse to pay for Javits wi-fi. I’m ready for any Internet emergency!

For a conference focusing on books, it sure requires a lot of technology! I’m particularly interested in all the digital pavilions and the BlogWorld exhibit. Though I’m also looking forward to seeing all the new books coming out and meeting some of my favorite authors. I already met Sarah Dessen today who was outside helping promote hr new book with free whoopee pies. She Wasserstein delightful and the whoopee pies were delicious (and also my breakfast?).

Who else is here today? I’d love to meet up with any of you if you have the time or inclination. Let me know! If nothing else, I might have the charger you need!

You can comment here (or on any post I make throughout the week) or tweet at me at @paperlanternlit or at me personally at @nyxnimby. And don’t forget to be following @OliverBooks to see what our very own (she is ours and we are hers) Lauren Oliver is up to this week!

Have a great show everyone and I’ll be back at you soon!





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