Limitless Asks Us To Think About The Real Potential Of Our Full Potential

Have you seen Limitless? Our own Lexa Hillyer saw it recently had had some interesting thoughts on the potential of full potential. How could unlimited potential change art, music, and, as is the case of Bradley Cooper’s character, writing?

“The main character is a writer,” said Lexa, “But as soon as he becomes “brilliant” (and finishes his novel in 4 days) he has a “now what?” moment, and decides to leave writing behind forever. A lot of us can relate to that “if only” feeling–if only I finished this book, everyone would see what a genius I really am. But this implies that the only real reason he’s writing in the first place is to try to somehow prove his brilliance, and when he gets a pill that allows him to show this in other ways, he doesn’t need to write anymore.”

What do you think, oh readers, my readers? Why DO we write? What are we hoping will happen when people read our work?

If you could live to your “full” potential, what would you do with it?

And, if you have seen the movie, what did you think? Did they miss the point when they left out the variable of INSPIRATION?


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