Another Social Reading Site?

What have you heard about bookish? With goodreads, Figment, Scribd, weekly Twitter hashtags like #fridayreads, and the plethora of book pages on Facebook, do we really need another social reading site? And, will bookish, being a partnership between such major players (Hachette, Penguin, S&S and AOL/HuffPO), truly be another free form social reading site, or simply a new marketing tool?

Do you use social reading sites now? Will you be checking out bookish when it launches?

I just feel a bit overwhelmed, personally.



One thought on “Another Social Reading Site?

  1. I use LibraryThing. Best site for cataloging books and talking with other book nerds I’ve ever come across. My “To Be Read” pile has reached massive proportions since joining LT over 3 years ago.

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