What does your literary tote bag say about you?

Vol. 1 Brooklyn compiled this hilarious and handy guide to help you determine what your literary tote bag says about you. Or, in case you don’t have one, it’s a good guide to figure out what kinds of free tote bags to scour for (or stay away from) at BEA! And by that I mean I will be scouring BEA for free tote bags because I have a tote bag problem that no intervention will ever solve.

I’m just a sucker for bags without pockets. And handsome men with accents, but I doubt they’ll be giving any of those away at BEA. A girl can dream.

So. Do you have one of the totes from the list? If not, what do you think your literary tote says about you?

Here, I’ll start. I have an O’Reilly TOC conference bag. It says that while I was a student I was able to afford to go to one day of workshops but it made me feel really important for about five hours, and I want to hold onto that feeling while I read my rejection letters.

Though honestly, I think I used it to move and it broke.



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