Tyler Posey Makes Teen Wolf Sexy. Apologies, Michael J. Fox.

For those of you are old enough to have seen the original Teen Wolf, there’s no denying: It’s awesome. It’s a classic 80s flick all the way down to the uncomfortably long basketball game at the end, just to emphasize the play-by-play of Michael J. Fox in all his awkward hair glory defeating the King Jerk. But there was never anything inherently sexy about Scott Howard. Michael J. Fox was just too cute.

But it’s looking like the MTV remake of the movie as a TV show could make basketball playing werewolves sexy. How? Well, according to star Tyler Posey, “My shirt is off more than half the time. I don’t know what the appeal is. They’re just man boobs.”

1) How cute is he that he doesn’t get it?

2) How hot is he with his shirt off?

Answer: Yes.

You can read more excerpts from his interview or watch the video on People.com because it wouldn’t let us embed it.

I might just get sucked into this show. As long as Scott still has a stylish friend named “Stiles.” Because that’s truly a make or break point for me.

What do you think? Is MTV jumping on the paranormal wagon too late or will Teen Wolf be a success? Will you watch it? Are you hoping for the return of “Stiles?”



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