Celebrities Behaving Badly

Fury is all about teens who do naughty things and then, when three avenging Furies start doling out karma with a heavy hand, learn the hard way that sometimes sorry isn’t enough. Here are a few people we think could learn a lesson or two about being on your best behavior. Is it wrong to hope that the Furies are watching?

Madonna – Her charity just closed under rumors of wasting millions and accomplishing nothing. For her careless appointment of shoddy directors and her egotistical desire to run her own charity rather than contribute to an already established one, we wish the Furies could make her pay back the money by going back to the first job she ever had: cashier at Dunkin Donuts!

LeAnn Rimes – Last week, LeAnn claimed she was never taught the “right way” to end a marriage after she was caught cheating on her husband with another married man.  We wish the Furies would teach her the value of fidelity…by having her new hubby get sneaky with Carrie Underwood

Mayor of Florence – For banning everything fabulously trashy and worth watching about the Jersey Shore (no filming in bars or clubs, no drinking in public) and insisting that the crew show Florence in a respectable light, we subject him to six months of house arrest with Ronnie and Sam. We hope he knows how to make Ron Ron juice!

Alex Petyfer – In a recent interview with VMan magazine, Petyfer makes sexist remarks and trashes the town that made him famous, proving he’s more beast than prince, despite that pretty face. We wouldn’t hate on the Furies for forcing him back into obscurity, forever-if he hasn’t already done that for himself.

What type of karmic punishment do you wish the Furies would exact?


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