Paper Lantern Lit goes to Venice

Last week the co-founders of Paper Lantern Lit took a little sojourn to Venice—partly to celebrate the sale of our author Fiona Paul’s stunning debut novel Venom, the first in book in the Dark Waters trilogy, and partly, well, to bask in the Venetian sun and see if we could actually feel the city sinking beneath our feet. (Answer: Sort of. Or that could have just been the Italian wine going to our heads…)

In honor of this remarkable, unusual, strange, sad, beautiful, sinking city, we thought we’d share some photos from our trip. All the clichés are true. There’s a quaint little bridge with a gondola floating beneath it around almost every corner. Laundry hangs from windows. Tourists crowd the tiny alleyways near the Rialto Bridge, and it’s labyrinthine streets force you to walk in a dizzying spiral at all times. It’s impossible to get anywhere quickly, though nothing is very far. We found ourselves taking on the nuances of Venice—moody, elegant, languorous, delirious—our thoughts seemed to move like the streets, in twisty circular patterns. Though you never know quite where you are, you’re never lost either. In short, we loved it!

Want to take your own shot at describing the magic of Venice? Check out the Venice-themed photo writing challenge on Lauren Oliver’s blog and you could get feedback on your piece by Lauren herself. Check out all the details on her blog.

Need even more Italian inspiration? Here’s our list of fave stories set in Venice (besides Venom, obviously!)

-William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

-Henry James’s The Wings of the Dove

-Michele Jaffe’s Kitty Kitty

-Casanova (with Heath Ledger!)

-Dangerous Beauty (totally not accurate but SO romantic!)

And, in case you’re already caught up with the three books above, this dude has compiled an amazingly comprehensive (aka LONG) list of books set in Venice. We can’t wait to dive in!

Obviously we loved Venice, but there are plenty of other amazingly beautiful places around the world too. Where is your favorite spot to visit for inspiration? Let us know in the comments. Share a photo and we might feature it on our blog!

Or, just check out some of our photos from Venice and imagine you’re lounging on the canals. We still are… *sigh*


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