April Fool’s! Or Is It?

Check out these headlines from our April newsletter and try and guess which ones are true and which ones lies! Find out the answers after the jump.

Celebrities: It’s sweet that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are responsible pet owners, but insisting the dog go to therapy might be a little over the top. How do you say projection in dog, again?

Movies: Justin Bieber is set to star in the new Lorax movie! Dr. Seuss would not approve. Baby, baby, baby, NO.

Science: A five-year-old has made a major contribution to science. We’re still trying to figure out the scientific mystery of socks disappearing from the dryer…

Fashion: Gaga has apparently gone off shoes…and has taken to wearing horse hooves, real ones, instead.

Celebrities: TRUE! Mariah Carey hired a dog psychiatrist to help prepare her three Jack Russells for the arrival of her and Nick’s twins. Check out the full story here!

Movies: FALSE! Thankfully Beiber is NOT making the jump to voice acting, but the Lorax movie, due out in 2012 does have a formidable cast of celebrities lending their voices to the characters. Find out who is in the film here!

Science: TRUE! Five-year-old Emily Baldry unearthed a 160 million-year-old fossil with her child’s plastic spade on an archeological dig with her father. Now that’s a family memory!

Fashion: FALSE! Though they do actually exist, Lady Gaga has not gone so far that she’s wearing actual horse’s feet. But she has made news before with her horse-like footwear. We just want to know: how does she walk in those!?

Have a great April Fool’s Day and stay sharp! Let us know if you pull any great pranks today! (Or have any pulled on you!)

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