Read our Review of Starcrossed and Enter to Win an ARC!

Earlier this week you saw our Q&A with Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed. Today we have our review of the book and a chance to win a free ARC from us!

Read the rules for entering after the review and good luck!

In Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed, mythology meets island romance—two of PLL’s favorite things. This book has it all: humor, intrigue, intense chemistry, out of this world fight scenes, and super-powered super-cuties desperate to remedy an age-old curse.

Enter Helen Hamilton. She has always known she is different, although she does her best to blend into the background. But at a small high school on the tiny island of Nantucket, this is no easy feat–especially when you have incredible long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and the answer to every question in class. Then there’s the fact that she can run faster than anyone on the track team—faster, in fact, than any other human being. So yeah, people have noticed her—resented her, and envied her—all her life.

But things get a whole lot more complicated when she starts having nightmares—and waking up with dirt and cuts all over her feet, as though she’s been traveling in her dreams. The wails of three hag-like women begin to haunt her more and more often. Helen is afraid she’s totally losing her mind—and it only gets worse when a new boy in school, Lucas, has such an intense power over her that she reacts by practically strangling him in the hallways.

Throw into the mix Lucas’s huge European family full of hotties with unusual abilities—and a keen interest in Helen’s heritage—and you’ve got the recipe for a sizzling, salty-sea-aired saga full of demigods and star-crossed destinies, as Helen trains to face her fate head-on.

Sure, you might say this book has some implausible scenes even for a paranormal, but we were too swept away by the sexy dialogue, rich setting and enormous cast of intriguing characters to mind. Angelini has us hooked!

Want to win a free ARC from us? Check out all the ways to win!

1) You MUST submit a comment on this post to be entered. Suggested topics? How awesome we are, how awesome you are or, if you could pick any superpower to have, what would it be?

2) You can garner ANOTHER entry by tweeting about the contest. Be sure to include @paperlanternlit in your tweet so we don’t miss it!

3) You can get YET ANOTHER entry by being a subscriber to our newsletter! If you’re not already, sign up by following the link in our sidebar. If you are, be sure to let us know so we can mark down your entry.

Do all three and you’ll be entered three times. Easy peasy! Contest ends 11:59pm April 7 and winner will be announced April 8. Good luck!


21 thoughts on “Read our Review of Starcrossed and Enter to Win an ARC!

  1. The constest will be international? If that is the case, so here I go:

    I love this web!!!! It’s really interesting! But now I love it more for this contest! I hope I can win 😀

    Mmm… if I could pick any superpower to have, I woul choose… read minds or control the water xD

    I think that’s all, wish me good luck! haha 🙂

    P.S: I don’t know If I have to leave my mail, but just in case, andreapc95@gmail.com

  2. Hey guys! Thanks for entering! Just so everyone knows:

    You do NOT have to leave your email. Your email shows up on the admin page, so if you’re already signed up for the newsletter just say so and we’ll be able to validate it ourselves. (But also, we trust you).

    If you’re not already signed up for the newsletter, just sign up by following the link in our sidebar and let us know you signed up. Again, we can see your email on our admin page so we’ll be able to verify.

    Thanks all!


  3. For a superpower that I would pick, at first I was going to say being able to fly, but now I think that what I would want is the ability to freeze time. Now that would be cool.

    1. I just wanted to mention that I am a subscriber to the Paper Lantern Lit newsletter, and have also tweeted about the “Starcrossed” ARC contest.

  4. If I could pick a super power, it would be to have the ability to take control of someone’s mind. Particularly my boyfriend’s, so I could get him to propose to me! 😉

    I retweeted @lindsaycwrites and I am a subscriber of the newsletter.

  5. How awesome are you? I can’t say for sure but the site, if not awesome is getting real close.

    I have signed up for the newsletter

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